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Caitlin Castania


Tyler Anthony

Caitlin Castania and Tyler Anthony

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Our Story

By chance, Caitlin and TA’s paths crossed. While they had known of each other in years past, they became acquainted in October 2017 after Caitlin organized a dinner for friends who survived the Route 91 Music Festival. TA was part of the group that attended Route 91, so Caitlin extended the invite to him. This dinner changed the trajectory of their lives, and is something they’ll never forget.

The two formed a fast bond in the months following the dinner, especially as their friends grew closer. During these months, they all found themselves frequenting TA’s brother’s apartment, the South Bay and Long Beach nightlife scenes, and everywhere in between. Caitlin was charmed by his quirky demeanor and sense of humor, while TA appreciated her outgoing and direct personality. As their friendship grew stronger, so did their feelings for one another. TA likes to joke that “Caitlin came over and she never left.”

One fateful night in June 2018, Caitlin and TA were on one of their frequent walks home from Shannon’s in Long Beach. During this walk, TA made a bet with Caitlin; if he lost, they would be together. By chance, TA lost the bet. The rest is history.

Through the next five years, their relationship has operated in humor and brutal honesty – a sometimes surprising, but perfect way to show their love for one another. They’ve also been each other’s co-pilots on their many adventures ranging from scenic road trips to the Grand Canyon to overseas trips to Croatia.

Most places you find the couple, you’ll find their Husky-PitBull mix, Fetty Wap, tagging along. Despite his size, Fetty will try to sit in your lap, lay on top of you and always manage to get you to share your food. He’s got a well-rounded palate. After all, he is Caitlin and TA’s first born son. Their other child is a cat named Weezy, Caitlin’s latest impulse adoption, and testament to both of their love of animals.

In late March 2023, Caitlin spent a Saturday morning at her friend Madi’s house, stalling on dinner plans in Hermosa Beach with her other friends Savannah and Mateo. Throughout the day, she was trying to find any reason to bail on dinner so that she could continue spending time with Madi and her newborn daughter, Jane. Her efforts to bail on dinner made it apparent that she was completely unaware of the looming proposal.

At the dinner, everyone barely ate because of their anticipation while Caitlin ate everything in sight, including copious amounts of garlic bread. While waiting for the check, TA faked a phone call so that he could head down to the sand where their engagement would take place. When Caitlin walked out of the restaurant and realized TA wasn't there, it all began to click. Down on the beach, Caitlins’s future fiance was waiting, surrounded by flowers, candles, and family.

Completely caught off guard, one of Caitlin’s first responses to TA was “Why did you let me eat so much garlic bread?”. She eventually said yes to his proposal, excited for what their future has in store. The rest of the night was spent celebrating their engagement with their closest friends and family.

Through tragedy and chance, Caitlin and TA were brought into each other’s lives. Through friendship, love and a genuine appreciation for one another, they have forged an unbreakable bond and built the life together they always dreamed about.